It’s been a record breaking year for those that have the courage to try and win, but this one is certainly very special. Next week I’m in Toulouse talking about Reward/Risk and if there ever was the perfect example it’s Joyon and his 5 brave sailors.

Sports people see the rewards and consider how to manage risk, dream big and make it happen. Similar to the new breed of young tech entrepreneurs that don’t see the risks (think Uber and AirBnb). Like Alex Thomson who set a new 24hr record (536.0 miles) in the final week trying to win the Vendee, prepared to risk all with his eye firmly set on the prize.

Winners see the big prize and are motivated to find ways to deal with risk. For Joyon, this may we’ll be the record that stands for a very long time. His courage to sail a boat with just 5 crew at breathing speed is nothing short of magic.

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